3DENGR meets product challenges with a simple, yet proven phased process that can effectively guide you from concept and vision, to a tangible realism, and into the hands of your customers.

We specialize in New Product Design, Product Ideation and Refinement, 3D Rendering, Reverse Engineering, Analysis, and Sustainment. We connect our Clients to International and Domestic manufacturing Partners.

Our team of world-class engineers have proven experience in guiding new product design through Hand Calculations, Structural Simulation, Thermal Simulation, Kinematic Analysis, Optimization Studies, Tolerance Analysis, and Measurement Analysis.

3DENGR's secure and flexible studio leverages the latest engineering technology and design applications. Engineering Applications include SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation, PhotoWorks, Catia, Simulia, 3dvia, GeoMagic, and Rapidform.

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