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Injuries – Ages and Stages

According to Paul Peterson MD, an emergency medicine physician, the largest number of injuries of children treated in the ER are from riding in cars. Only children drowning in the states of Arizona, California, Florida and Texas surpass this.

Four months


. Falls from furniture

. Bathing accidents

. Choking on food

. Crib suffocation


Between five and seven months

. Falls from stairs

. Electrical shocks

. Poisoning

. Choking on small objects

. Water accidents


Between eight and twelve months

. All the above

. Climbing dressers and bookcases which can fall over

. Bumping into the corners of furniture or countertops

. Gaining access to hazards in cabinets

. Grabbing items such as a stove kettle which can burn

Between one year and two years

All the above: . Access to restricted areas such as basements, garages, swimming pools, decks/balconies, and driveways. Falling from windows

Paul Peterson MD, FAEM is an emergency physician, and a consultant to babyeverywhere.com. Baby-Everywhere products provide new and expectant parents with expert safety advice for keeping babies safe.

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