Elephant Ear Washer

About Dr.Easy

Welcome to the Doctor Easy Medical Products Web site, the place where you can find practical medical products! Although these products were designed for use in a medical setting, they are easy to use, and affordable enough for home use as well!

Our products are proudly hand made in the USA and are based on practical on site applications. They are physician designed to make your task easier and more efficient.

All of our products are LATEX FREE, and 100% guaranteed!

The Elephant Ear Washer has been our best seller with thousands of satisfied physicians throughout the United States and Canada.

Due to popular demand, we have designed disposable tips for both the Elephant Ear Washer and the Acne-Vac Pen . The new disposable tips have made the job of cleaning ears and skin a lot easier and sanitary!

We also offer an inexpensive, yet efficient otoscope that comes in very handy when looking inside the ear canal. Wouldn't you want to know what the ear canal looks like both before and after you clean it? We recommend this product!

Another popular item is the ear basin. This washable heavy-duty plastic basin is molded to fit directly under the ear, assuring that your patient stays comfortably dry!

The Acne-Vac Pen has been well received by doctor's offices, salon's and day spas across the country. It is designed to remove acne lesions such as white heads and blackheads by means of a vacuum pump. This product is a must for anyone treating acne problems, such as physicians, aestheticians, and even concerned mothers at home!

When ordering your Elephant Ear Washer, don't forget to ask about our newest product, the wall bracket. This is the perfect way to store your Ear Washer AND save counter space!

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