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How to Sell

The first thing to know is that selling at our Auctions is Easy. We all have things we don't want, things we inherited, bought that we no longer need, downsized or upsized, kept in a drawer, or a storage room, things that we know are worth money, but are either a hassle to sell, or just that we cant be bothered.

Well, why not realize the cash in your unwanted Antiques, Art Furniture, Jewelry or just about anything. Bring it over to us and we will advise you on if it's suitable for sale at one of our Auctions.

Once we consign it, it will be photographed and placed in our catalog with a description. This catalog is mailed to our extensive mailing list prior to the Auction, and we advertise extensively with local newspapers, magazines and social media.

At the auction, your items will be sold to the highest bidder, the proceeds are then divided 80% to you 20% to us. We pay our consigners within 7 days of the auction. Its as simple as that!

If you are interested in consigning to our auction, or require further information please e-mail you contact details to

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