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Dr. Richard Carlson

Complete Family Dental and Orthodontics provides a full-service orthodontic practice, offering a wide variety of treatment choices for children and adults. Treatment options may vary from limited treatment with removable appliances (such as Invisalign) and/or a few orthodontic brackets to comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Those with metal braces, who like to have a little fun, may choose ties of any color while those with ceramic braces desiring a more discreet look may choose clear ties.

Complete Family Dental and Orthodontics is a specialized facility with the equipment and team needed to properly address todayís most complicated orthodontic needs. Our teamís unique professional experiences ideally equip them to provide the services needed and requested by todayís well-informed patient. The team is comprised of well-trained professionals who work together to provide the patient the highest-quality treatment in a warm, caring setting. The Complete Family Dental and Orthodontics team looks forward to serving your dental needs.


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